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Mobile Telecoms Provider

Marketing approval across a multi-market environment

The Challenge

Our Telecoms Client operates in 34 geographic markets. The brand compliance and marketing strategy approval process was disjointed and project tracking and decision making, and traceability was non-existent. They needed a solution to manage these decisions making and approval processes.

The Solution

Visual ID developed a secure online project collaboration, approval and assign off platform which delivers user management and the ability to set up bespoke teams and enable real time collaboration. The system is designed for marketing content approval allowing on file annotation and version control tracking. The system is the only online facility to allow in file annotation and marking up of video files.

The solution also has a full digital asset management facility to store approved files and materials in digital format securely, for controlled access by the company market network and suppliers in each market.

The client also wanted an integrated send large file facility not operated by an outside service but integrated into the delivery of the Visual ID system. This was delivered as part of the project

The Outcome

All markets now engage with the system to collaborate and sign off new projects by the head office marketing group. All projects files and interaction are recorded and stored for tracking purposes.

Employees Service and Hardware Suppliers can upload and have controlled access to view and retrieve files.

The system also has a communication platform allowing internal and external communication.

The "send large files" application has also negated the need to use outside sending platforms and centralises all files securely under the one bespoke company system.

The solution has revolutionised the workings of the collective markets in dealing with all their Marketing collateral and brand compliance across the network. It has secured all their files in one virtual location increased efficiencies and reducing third-party application costs

The efficiency and cost savings are hard to estimate on these improvements within the client operations. It would be safe to say that keeping brand compliance is worth the investment, and the efficiencies it delivers for every 100-personnel man hours per week saved across the network amounts to approximately €150,000 savings per year