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Ordering - from Multiple Vendors

Multi-vendor order dashboard for our pharmacy and grocery clients

The Challenge

Our clients have their own stores and owner operated stores. All these stores either had to engage with an area manager or an agreed vendor or by communicating to customer services their orders for Merchandise, Print on demand, POS Packs, Uniforms etc etc.

This was very time consuming for both the client head office and field staff but also the staff within the stores. A solution was needed.

The Solution

Built into the Visual ID system is a full order management system with a basic stock management application. It allows as many vendors to be set up with their orderable products assigned to them and their cost and selling prices to be added to our pricing tables.

This allows anyone in stores to access and see applicable orderable items, order them with sight on costs, delivery costs, and volume pricing. These orders are associated with whatever store or person orders them, and the orders are communicated to the relevant approved vendor even if the order includes multiple vendors.

The system operates with central billing allowing the vendor and Head office to recharge stores and manage store budget spends

The Outcome

Area managers, internal support staff now do not need to deal with this area and the centralised ordering of this kind of merchandise etc is centrally managed and reported and traceable and can be budgeted for more accurately.

Like the previous case study the efficiencies and transparency this delivers for the client it also saves valuable field staff and admin time that could be estimated at a full time roll in head office and a few hours a month for field staff which could be estimated at a cost saving of circa €80k.