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Grocery Chain

Digital Signage made Useful

The Challenge

Digital signage was not a major priority in the past but within the last two years and because of the reduction in the cost in hardware there is an increased interest in its use.

The problem was that there were many screen players and hardware suppliers who had sold into the industry and all content either had to be manually created by them and deployed or created by the client and supplied to the system provider.

The result was that brand compliance was not being adhered to and because of the time-consuming nature of generating content it was not being updated frequently enough making the resource of having screens in place questionable.

The Solution

The Visual ID system as well as having a Print and Social media production systems, also has a screen production system. This system is the only one on the market to also produce animated content in real time.

All content is generated on the system. All approved templates are linked with client, Product, Trading or Deal refreshable data within the system, this in turn is linked to correct product imagery, allowing the one click generation of content at head office and local level. This system can produce animated content, and can display JPEG PDF, MP4 HTML or Web feeds also.

On top of our screen production system we developed our own screen player and management system allowing full Head office control with the ability for the client to allow controlled local management if required.

The Outcome

Now we are the only approved vendor for Screen system installation within the group.

Head office can manage content on 1000’s of screens using categorised master playlists and the ability to universally update in real time in seconds. It also allows future scheduling of content months in advance or the ability to schedule by day of the week or time of day for every file and or store.

Head office are now assured that only brand compliant content is displaying on screens. Retailers and stores themselves can react quickly to weather conditions and localised product promotions and sell offs, promoting content on screens at a click of a button.

The system also allows stores to highlight sponsorship and community supports on screens using approved templated artwork for localised executions.

Head office also has oversight into what is being displayed in each store and the next opportunity is for trading to use this as a source of income to promote key suppliers’ products and adverts.

Considering that every piece or edited piece of content was costing circa €100 to produce and deploy, the cost savings on the network are growing by the day as we take over the entire screen network.

Conservative savings: 100 stores x 4 pieces of content produced per month x €50 per piece = €240,000 per annum. This does not include the value opportunity to sell supplier promotional and advertising time on the system.