Building Communities

Boost your stores’ sense of local community. Deliver localised content to every location through our flexible marketing platform.

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Tailored to every store

A town or village’s local store is a key part of the community, and our marketing solutions help them to make the most of being the local hub. Unlike other signage and radio providers, Visual ID enables businesses to deliver ultra localised content whilst ensuring brand consistency. So as well as branded promotions, a store can bring its customers local news and weather updates and promote local events, all via our flexible platform. Build community and camaraderie whilst ensuring brand consistency, via social media, in-store signage or your own customisable radio station.

Local content we can deliver


Display signage and broadcast audio updating your customers with the latest news headlines in their area.


Bring the local weather forecast to each store. Let shoppers know whether to stock up on ice creams or carry their brollies.


Promote events happening in the local town or village. Keep customers in the loop with what’s going on that week.

Special offers

Promote the current deals available at each store. Details are easily imported from the catalogue provided by head office.

Completely customisable settings

Laptop showing News and Weather being scheduled

Simply enable News and/or Weather announcements to trigger these in your radio or digital signage schedule

Laptop showing a special offer being scheduled

Control the frequency of special offers by choosing how often you want them to play

Laptop showing the creation of a jingle asset

Easily create or upload branded jingles to introduce your content


Relentless Support™

We take customer support seriously. Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLA's are our commitment to giving you proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all of your needs from our support team, who are relentless in name and relentless in nature. We promise you 99.999% system uptime, an average response to queries in under 30 minutes, and an average resolution in a maximum of 3 hours. So whether you need help using our toolkit, want advice on a design or simply want to request a new feature, we’re all ears. It’s an important piece of the puzzle to make sure our customers get the best service in the industry.

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