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Your one-stop, feature-stacked design platform. Built to ensure brand consistency for head office and local store teams across in-store signage, radio and social media.

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Optimised for every channel

The Visual ID toolkit gives multisite retailers a fast, easy way to build high quality print, audio and visual marketing assets for each store. In minutes, our retail customers can tweak pre-approved brand designs or create compliant content to drive product sales. Ordering, publishing to social media, and utilisation of our digital screen management system enables retailers to send out all produced content to their desired channels from one system. And if it’s branded in-store radio you’re looking for, we can give you that too. All from the same, superbly simple platform.

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Delivering a consistent brand message

Brand consistency should be a top priority for marketers, and we made it so when building our system. Our marketing toolkit allows your local store teams the appropriate level of control to create brand compliant content for their campaigns and displays. With approved templates, branded assets and layouts, any member of your team can create compliant designs with minimal training or expertise. If you want to restrict things further, content can be centralised and distributed from head office to all stores simultaneously. We’ve reduced the hours of designer time needed, making you more efficient and creating huge savings for your brand.

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Ensuring legal compliance

Legal compliance isn’t something to leave to chance. With legislation in place that will impact the content you display, our toolkit makes it easy for you to ensure every store is doing as they should. Lock down design elements that a user can’t change, or make something compulsory before a design is published. Being transparent with "before" pricing, for example, or stating the cost per unit for relevant products. We’ve thought of it all, so you don’t have to worry.

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Building local communities

A town or village’s local store is a key part of the community, and our marketing solutions help them to make the most of being the local hub. Unlike other signage and radio providers, Visual ID enables businesses to deliver ultra localised content whilst ensuring brand consistency. So as well as branded promotions, a store can bring its customers local news and weather updates and promote local events, all via our flexible platform. Build community and camaraderie while ensuring brand consistency, via social media, in-store signage or your own customisable radio station.

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Easy to use

Our design toolkit is a one-stop shop for all of a store’s promotions. We designed it to make the task of creating, repurposing and scheduling marketing messages more simple, saving you and your team buckets of time.

Create content for multiple channels from one place.

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Import product information straight from your brand’s catalogue.

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Have brand assets at retailers’ fingertips, ready to use.

Branded imagery

Work from templates set and approved by head office.

Editing a template

Utilise our built-in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

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