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A professional radio system for retail. Always brand consistent. Always legally compliant.

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Custom radio for stores

In-store audio provides a powerful way to influence and connect with customers in a retail setting. With great coverage across a store, a branded radio station can help to create a welcoming environment for shoppers and build a more enjoyable atmosphere. It allows brands to inject more personality into a store, and can even be used to influence customer and staff behaviour. And crucially, in-store radio offers another way to advertise promotions to your customers.

Built specifically for retail, our in-store radio system helps brands to achieve a high-quality audio experience that can be easily tailored to each individual store. With over 100 professional playlists to choose from, and an industry-leading audio message builder, we’ve got all of the tools you need to create a fully brand-compliant radio station without the typical high costs and hassle of production.

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Key features

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100+ professional playlists

Choose from our ready-curated playlists for retail, spanning all genres and moods.

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Options to suit your budget

Both rights-included (royalty free) and commercial music options are available.

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Drag and drop scheduler

Optimise every daypart and choose music to suit the changing environment throughout the week.

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Excellent audio quality

Content is cached locally to reduce bandwidth and allow for offline playback should the internet fail.

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AI-powered advert builder

Create professional audio messages in minutes, with no self-scripting required.

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Upload & schedule adverts

Upload your own audio messages and schedule seamlessly amongst playlists.


AI-powered audio messaging

Our AI-powered radio functionality allows retailers to create professional audio messages in minutes - a far cry from the lengthy process and cost of briefing professionals, recording, production and delivery. With pre-approved templates and voice artists chosen for the brand, retailers can simply select the current products and offers they want to promote, and our AI engine will produce a set of messages to review and choose from. No self-scripting required.

Scheduled to play at set times or intervals between songs, audio messages are an effective way of communicating with customers. They enable a custom radio station for each store - a great way to build personality and community. To harness this further, retailers can select local news and weather bulletins to play, as well as create their own jingles. And don’t worry - these can be monitored by the brand too, so your marketing teams are safe in the knowledge that all audio is working in the right way!


Smart, simple scheduling

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Mimic a real radio station by scheduling any number of adverts to play in an ad-break between any number of songs.

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Advert and music volumes are set independently, allowing you to play adverts louder than the music for maximum impact.

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Create or upload your own announcements and schedule these at set times, for example, to announce store closing times.

TV advertising locally grown vegetables

Integrate radio with digital signage

Music and visuals go together hand in hand. Luckily for retailers, our platform was designed to power both from one place. Radio and signage schedules can be considered alongside each other, with the ability to time audio and visual ads to play together, or turn down the music when you want audio from a video asset to come alive. Powered by the same hardware, Visual ID Radio customers can simply connect their screens to power up content through our digital signage system, without additional hardware installations or costs. And crucially, no extra tech for your teams to learn!

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Ultra reliable, futureproof hardware

Our in-store radio system is powered by a lightweight, pint-sized Player. Drawing <2W of power, not only is it incredibly efficient, but with no moving parts it's incredibly reliable too.

The device simply connects to your amplifier and an Internet connection. It receives instructions from our enterprise-grade, cloud-based software and reports back its health status for continuous proactive monitoring.

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Relentless Support™

We take customer support seriously. Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLA's are our commitment to giving you proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all of your needs from our support team, who are relentless in name and relentless in nature. We promise you 99.999% system uptime, an average response to queries in under 30 minutes, and an average resolution in a maximum of 3 hours. So whether you need help using our toolkit, want advice on a design or simply want to request a new feature, we’re all ears. It’s an important piece of the puzzle to make sure our customers get the best service in the industry.

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