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Say hello (or dia dhuit!) to our friendly team of experts, dedicated to making sure our customers get the best out of their in-store marketing.

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Our story

Visual ID was started in Ireland in 2008 by founders Pier and David. After many years of working in the FMCG, service, and marketing areas of the grocery industry, they identified widespread issues in the management of assets and brand control when dealing with franchise businesses:

  • Head office had minimal control over the content franchisees could produce locally, and brand compliance wasn’t being adhered to.
  • Universal content was being generated by head office that wasn’t ideal for community-based and localised promotion.
  • The local cost of producing non-compliant content was creating a huge overall cost across the entire store network.
  • Head office use of costly design teams for generating content that could be easily created with our software was a waste of their expertise and an unnecessary cost.
  • Reaction to legislative and policy changes were very difficult to adapt to and instigate.

The Visual ID team went about developing a now all-encompassing, cloud-based production solution for the management of all marketing, promotional and operational materials. Head office teams now have more control over what their franchisees produce, and local franchisees can access and create all of their marketing materials efficiently and compliantly from one online application. Not only this, but from the same platform users can order their print materials, publish to social media and manage the delivery of digital signage, in-store radio and audio messaging. A one-stop shop for all content creation and publishing needs.

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Visual ID x Startle

In 2024, Visual ID merged with the Startle group, specialists in creating unique music and technology experiences for retail and hospitality brands. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for both organisations, positioning them for enhanced offerings, broadened customer bases and increased operational support. The group team has tripled in size, our development and support teams have doubled in size, and the group is primed for a bright future of innovation.

Based from our office in Dublin, Visual ID now supplies to thousands of businesses worldwide, helping to streamline retail and hospitality businesses’ marketing efforts and create a more engaging customer experience.

Company culture

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With us, it’s always personal

We invest in our team and our team is invested in the business. Putting a smile on our customers’ faces is a top priority.

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Going the extra mile

We know you’re busy and just need things done. We’re here to make your lives easier and take care of any element of your service - with real-life human help.

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Long-standing team

Many of our team members have been with us since the beginning, meaning they’re not only committed to the company, but are true experts on everything to do with our system.

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Customer oriented

We keep our customers’ needs at the forefront. This often starts with identifying the real, practical solutions we can develop to save you time and money, and help deliver increased profits to your company.

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We do all that we can to ensure we have a positive impact on the world. This includes offsetting our employees’ carbon footprint, investing in reforestation, and an EV scheme for our team.

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Good causes

We encourage anyone who can give blood or platelets to do so regularly and give our team as much time off work as they need if they decide to do so.

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