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A full-stack digital signage system for multisite retailers. Always brand consistent. Always legally compliant.

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Superbly simple signage

For retailers with multiple stores, digital signage can be a powerful marketing channel. But it’s crucial to make sure all in-store displays are on brand, conveying the right message, and kept up to date. When retailers aren’t given the right tools, it can result in DIY designs that don’t do your brand justice, or simply unused screens. What’s more, with certain legal requirements for your in-store marketing (like “before” pricing, allergens and costs per unit), head office teams need a way to monitor compliance.

Our digital signage system gives retailers an easy way to create and manage modern in-store displays for multiple locations, from one intuitive platform. Using templates approved by head office, retailers can create static or animated content in minutes. No forking out for designers for every new campaign. And if you’re wondering about various screen sizes and tailoring to portrait/landscape, that’s simple too. We can link your product data into templates of different dimensions, so users can create various designs from the same data source simultaneously.

TV showing fresh fruit pricing

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Key features

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Simple "Click to Create" tool

Once templates are uploaded, users just hit a button to create a display.

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Upload brand kits

Upload your logos, fonts and colours knowing that any design tweaks will be on-brand.

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Lock down elements of designs

Marketing teams determine which elements a user can edit, and which stay the same.

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Built-in DAM & stock image library

Give your teams easy access to brand assets, and approved stock imagery to use.

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Create animated designs

Unlike many other providers, we support static, animated and dynamic content.

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Import your product catalogues

Import product information and imagery straight from your brand’s own catalogue.

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Multiple designs simultaneously

Easily create various designs from the same data source simultaneously.

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Built-in approval process

Our system contains an approval tool before launching for that final heads up.


Our intuitive editor allows retailers to customise content such as the product image, price, and an accompanying caption.

Signage types we support

From POP displays to digital shelf talkers and even digital showroom software, our displays can be configured and placed for a range of uses.

  • POP/POS displays
  • Digital window displays
  • Product information displays
  • Infomercial displays
  • Digital menus
  • Digital shelf talkers
  • Crowd management display
  • Health and safety information
TV advertising locally grown vegetables

Promote in-store products to highlight offers and drive sales.

TV showing breakfast menu

Display digital menus to reduce print usage and showcase your entire offering.

TV showing supermarket aisle

Use aisle signage to help customers navigate your store and easily find what they're looking for.


Benefits of digital signage

Digital signage is growing in use, and for great reason. It’s a brilliant way to modernise in-store marketing, whilst often being easier to manage and more dynamic than print. A good digital signage system will allow you to easily create, edit and schedule content to target different customer groups or promote various campaigns throughout the week. By swapping some of your print promo for digital content, you can quickly reduce your business’ environmental impact by reducing shipping needs and creating less plastic and paper wastage.

  • Catch attention with dynamic content
  • Increase product awareness and boost sales
  • Easily schedule and update designs
  • Control your screens remotely
  • Deploy content across multiple sites
  • Reduce your environmental footprint


new files added to our system per month


unique designs created with our toolkit per month


individual downloads of materials per month


pieces of data driven content creation per month

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Screen supply

Sourcing hardware can be another tricky piece of the puzzle. We’ve teamed up with leading digital screen suppliers, providing the best full-stack display systems for our clients. Our partners can supply you with LED and LCD displays, supporting a range of different sizes and shapes. For POS, interactive panels, digital menus, miniature shelf displays - it’s all there. As a Visual ID customer, we’ll manage installation, maintenance and support of your screens, so your teams can focus on serving customers.

Ultra reliable, futureproof hardware

Our digital signage system is powered by a lightweight, pint-sized Player. Drawing <2W of power, not only is it incredibly efficient, but with no moving parts it's incredibly reliable too.

The device simply connects to your screens and an Internet connection. It receives instructions from our enterprise-grade, cloud-based software and reports back its health status for continuous proactive monitoring.

Visual ID player, powered by Startle

Relentless Support™

We take customer support seriously. Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLA's are our commitment to giving you proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all of your needs from our support team, who are relentless in name and relentless in nature. We promise you 99.999% system uptime, an average response to queries in under 30 minutes, and an average resolution in a maximum of 3 hours. So whether you need help using our toolkit, want advice on a design or simply want to request a new feature, we’re all ears. It’s an important piece of the puzzle to make sure our customers get the best service in the industry.

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