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Digital signage, in-store radio, printed POS and social media assets that help to build a sense of local community. Always brand consistent. Always legally compliant.

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Digital signage

Digital signage can be a powerful marketing channel. Our solution offers retailers a straightforward method to design and control contemporary in-store displays across numerous locations from a single, user-friendly platform. With head office-approved templates, retailers can quickly generate static or animated content. There's no need to hire designers for every new campaign. And if you’re worried about different screen sizes and aspect ratios, that’s easy as well. We can integrate your product data into templates of various dimensions, allowing users to create multiple designs from the same data source at the same time.

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In-store radio

Playing the wrong music in your store can significantly impact a customer's experience. Our in-store radio system allows retail brands to create a perfectly tailored audio atmosphere for each location effortlessly. Enjoy a curated selection of songs that fit your business, combined with audio messages crafted using our human-approved AI technology. Simply select a product or promotion, choose a voiceover artist, and you're done! With the Visual ID message builder, you can accomplish in minutes what typically takes traditional audio professionals days to achieve.

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Printed POS

Our POS toolkit significantly speeds up the creation, approval, and printing of in-store POS materials. With head office-approved templates, managers can customise content for their stores in minutes, eliminating the need to pay for design time for every campaign. Print on-demand from your preferred suppliers or in-house if you prefer. Whether it's posters, shelf talkers, window stickers, or wobblers, Visual ID makes designing and printing in-store marketing assets much easier and more cost-effective.

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Social media assets

Your social media presence speaks volumes about your brand, so ensuring your content is spot-on is crucial. Our marketing toolkit provides retailers with a fast, easy way to create brand-approved social assets. With our smart template engine, you can designate specific areas users can edit while keeping others locked. When the content is ready, our advanced scheduling tool can publish it across all your social channels. Ice cream ads for Instagram. Flat whites for Facebook. Tom Collins for TikTok.

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