In-Store Marketing for Grocery & Supermarkets

Improve the quality and consistency of marketing across every grocery store with our digital signage, in-store radio, printed POS and social media solutions.

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Streamlined solutions saving time & money

We specialise in saving grocery retailers time and money through our simple in-store marketing solutions. Our toolkit gives multisite retailers a fast, easy way to build high quality print, audio and visual marketing assets for each store. In minutes, our retail customers can tweak pre-approved brand designs or create compliant content to drive product sales. 

Ordering, publishing to social media, and utilisation of our digital screen management system enables retailers to send out all produced content to their desired channels from one system. And if it’s branded in-store radio you’re looking for, we can give you that too. All from the same, superbly simple platform.

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Digital signage

Digital signage can be a powerful marketing channel. Our system gives grocery retailers an easy way to create and manage modern displays for multiple stores from one intuitive platform. Using templates approved by your head office team, retailers can create static or animated content in minutes. No forking out for designers for every new campaign. And if you’re wondering about various screen sizes and aspect ratios, that’s simple too. We can link your product data into templates of different dimensions, so users can create various designs from the same data source simultaneously.

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In-store radio

Playing the wrong thing in your stores can be off-putting in a customer visit. Our in-store radio system makes it easy for grocery brands to build an audio experience perfectly tailored to each location. Songs handpicked to suit your business, intertwined with audio messages created with our human-approved AI technology. Pick a product or offer to promote, choose your voiceover artist and voilà! With the Visual ID message builder you can achieve in minutes what it takes traditional audio pros days to do.

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Printed POS

Our POS toolkit speeds up the process of creating, approving and printing in-store POS materials, by a mile. Using templates approved by head office, retailers can create content tailored to their stores in minutes. You no longer need to rely on paying for design time for every campaign. Print on-demand from your preferred suppliers, or in-house if you’d rather. Whether it’s posters, shelf talkers, window stickers or wobblers, with Visual ID it’s a whole lot easier, and cheaper, to design and print in-store marketing assets.

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Social media assets

Your social media pages say a lot about your brand, so it’s important that your content is on point. Give retailers a quick, easy way to create brand-approved social assets with our marketing toolkit. Set specific areas users can edit - and ones they can’t - within our smart template engine. And when content is ready to go, our advanced scheduling tool can send it to any and all of your social channels. Ice cream ads for Instagram. Fish and chips for Facebook. Tiramisu how-tos for TikTok.

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Relentless Support™

We take customer support seriously. Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLA's are our commitment to giving you proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all of your needs from our support team, who are relentless in name and relentless in nature. We promise you 99.999% system uptime, an average response to queries in under 30 minutes, and an average resolution in a maximum of 3 hours. So whether you need help using our toolkit, want advice on a design or simply want to request a new feature, we’re all ears. It’s an important piece of the puzzle to make sure our customers get the best service in the industry.

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