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Grocery Chain

Brand Compliance in 1000 Stores

The Challenge

With over 1,000 stores within each buying group, the common problem was to maintain brand compliance within the different brands.

This compliance initially was to produce compliant print and social media content.

Stores within the network were getting Point of sale packs that

  1. were just a small selection of the current promotions and sometimes the store did not even stock the products
  2. With up to several hundred promotions ongoing, depending on the demographics of a store some retailers wished to promote certain products or promotions in certain areas and not in others.

Having to make all these promotional materials and permutations available incurred huge costs for their design departments having to produce all these formats for both print and social media.

The Solution

The Visual ID editor application allows compliant design to be recreated within the editor ensuring brand compliance of design, fonts, and imagery etc.

With the built-in data integration system all trading data is linked within a Visual ID database to output the correct promotional details complete with linked correct product imagery at the click of a button.

Utilising our Head office bulk production tool this data can be used to bulk produce all print and social media content in minutes. This requires no design studio input nor any trained design personnel to work the system.

The Outcome

Head office can now produce all their Point of sale packs in minutes and create all other promotional materials for the non-publicised promotions for print and social media use.

The stores can access and either print locally, order via the online print order system,

Likewise, they can also schedule and post the Social media and approved or produced content directly to their Social media sites seamlessly from the system

This eliminates a large amount of the production costs incurred previously by the client and reduces errors and gives flexibility for real time edits of produced content

Beside the efficiencies and reactive sales opportunities, it brings the cost savings on production for print and social media content are huge.

Promotional packs etc now can be done by our system saving the need for design studios etc. This can generate savings of circa €150 to €200k per annum. If local production is required, then it would add conservatively a further €240k per 100 stores P/A based on each store requiring 10 creations per month at a cost of €20 each.