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Brand Management Services and Software Toolkit

A consistent image is crucial for your business’ ability to attract and retain customers. Our brand management services, solutions and software help retailers to achieve this consistency.

Brand Management in Retail

In the retail sector, branding is at the forefront of how customers interact with your company. This is a vital driver of customer acquisition, loyalty, and ultimately sales. Of course, branding is a broad and multifaceted field.

Our brand management solutions drive sales through:

Customer Experience

Create a compelling and consistent customer experience across all of your locations and online sales channels. Fully optimise your sales environment for conversions.

Visual Brand Management

A consistent visual brand helps you to build a relationship with your customers. Create and distribute professional-standard visual marketing.

Retail Brand Messaging

Refine and centralise your retail brand messaging. Give your customers the right information for every stage of their purchasing journey.

Your brand is how you communicate with your customers, and the wider public.

Elements of Successful Retail Brand Development

Any strong retail brand identity contains several key ingredients, these include visual, linguistic and value-based elements.

  • Your logo
  • Key messaging
  • Fonts
  • Colour swatches
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand values
  • Customer interactions
  • Branded media
  • Digital Assets
  • Social and online channels
  • Staff uniforms and presentation
  • In-store customer experience

This can often be too much for many retail brands to keep abreast of. In fact, many retailers don’t have guidelines regarding some of these elements, let alone achieving consistency.

Our retail brand management services allow you to achieve this consistency. From centralising approval for branded designs, to providing local teams with the assets and information they need to create content, we’re experts in retail brand management.

Simplify Branded Content Creation

Creating visual content for your retail brand can often be expensive. Acquiring digital assets, engaging a designer, and optimising content for a range of purposes is often a major investment for any brand.

These costs compound when it comes time to launch new products, offers and promotions. Our toolkit streamlines this process.

Straightforward Design Tools for Retail Brand

Our retail brand management services give your team the ability to quickly and cheaply create professional visual content.

Online Collaboration and Approval

Ensure brand consistency by building head office approval into your design and publication workflows. Allow multiple teams to collaborate on designs and assets.

Centralised Distribution and Publishing

Distribute content to online channels and order physical marketing materials directly from our brand management software. Automatically optimise content for different channels and media.

Say goodbye to inconsistencies in your stores’ social media presences, or off-message promotions. Not only do our branding services help to maintain consistently, they ensure the same high standards are implemented across all channels.

Improve Your Brand Image Through Customer Communication

Customer communications can make or break your brand image management. This goes for one-to-one interactions, and mass communications. Positive communications can help to build relationships, while negative ones will lose sales.

A big part of this is giving colleagues the information they need to respond to customer queries. At Visual ID, we are experts on product information management for customer service.

Supply your service teams with key information relating to individual customers that have purchased in your customer relationship management tools. Combining effective CRM and branding management in retailing gives your service staff the data they need to respond to customer problems quickly.

Retail Brand Management from Visual ID

At Visual ID, we are experts at establishing consistent and effective brands for retail companies. We’ve worked with household names across the UK and Ireland to assist with their brand management. Speak to us today to find out more about what we can do for your brand.