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Critical Communication

Communication platform to manage all document delivery for product recalls and verification of access and download of actionable material

The Challenge

Our client has a huge range of store brands that are both owner and company managed stores.

Their communication system to deliver vital documentation for legal, trading, and HR etc was still using a dashboard system or regular email, with little or no confirmation on who accessed or activated the materials sent. As part of their system Visual ID gave them the solution.

The Solution

Visual ID have several communication platforms built into our core application.

We have an automated communication to any user who has accessed a file, if that file is ever updated on the system. For example, if there is a regulatory document updated and a store or member has used or activated that file in the past, they will be communicated that there is a new version and it must be addressed. A reporting suite in the background tracks who has or not downloaded or activated the file.

A second communication application is, any single or group of files can be sent to a single user, distinct group or a filtered group of users using a send function within the system. This is again tracked by our report tool establishing who has or has not actioned the request

The third file transfer / communication tool replaces the need for external send large file services. Visual ID have built their own send file system allowing you to send any file on or off the system via this method. The advantages are that any file added for sending is automatically saved within the system and can be accessed again by certain user levels. It also offers a secure environment as you are not sending files by dropbox, Yousendit etc i.e. external and costly services

The Outcome

Our client now uses these communication platforms to send updates on any store related content. They also use this to transfer and communicate legal documentation for product recalls etc. They can run reports easily on any file etc that has been communicated to see individual store activity with said files.

Besides the efficiencies and transparency this delivery for the client it also saves valuable admin time that could be estimated at a full-time roll in head office valued at a cost of circa €50k.