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Point of Sale Design Solutions

Easily create and order brand-compliant point of sale marketing materials with our advanced and intuitive POS design tools.

What is POS Design?

Point of sale materials are used to promote your products and services in-store. The design of these materials influences how effective they are. In other words, good point of sale design leads to stronger sales figures.

POS materials include:

  • Shelf talkers
  • Shelf labeling
  • Signage
  • POS Stands
  • Window Stickers
  • Wobblers
  • Display units and containers
  • Cardboard cutouts
  • Digital point of sale
  • Visual merchandising displays
  • Dumper Bins
  • Stack Cards

Of course, it’s also critical that these disparate marketing materials have consistent branding, as well as maintaining high standards of design and quality.

Visual Merchandising Display Equipment

Creating, ordering and installing POS materials is often inconvenient, especially when working with multiple vendors. Our toolkit offers a single portal for POS design and installation.


POS Design

Our intuitive design interface allows your team to create professional and brand-compliant POS materials, using templates and approved assets.


Web to Print

We operate a web-to-print model. Send your designs directly to our printing partners and process payments directly from the design tool.


Multi-Vendor Ordering

Order from a range of suppliers at the click of a button. Multi-vendor ordering ensures you get the best price and service for all kinds of POS materials.

Empower your in-store teams to design and order their own brand-compliant POS materials as and when they need them. At the same time, the head office will have a convenient and cost-effective way to design and procure POS marketing materials for the whole company.

Your In-House Point of Sale Design Agency

Think of our POS design solutions as your own in-house creative agency. Our tools save your business time and money, by simplifying the process of creating and sourcing professional designs.


Our design tools integrate with digital asset management features, giving your team access to the exact media resources they need to create stunning POS displays.


With approved templates, branded assets and layouts, any member of your team can create compliant designs with minimal training or expertise.


Centralise your approval processes, allowing head office to sign off on any designs before they are ordered. Assign roles and permissions based on the user’s seniority.

Our point of sale material design systems are built for efficiency. Not only do they eliminate the need for costly third-party designers, they ensure that only the required stock is ordered for each location, cutting down on waste and over-spend.

Expert Point of Sale Marketing

Our POS marketing solutions are built for success. Maximise your sales by giving customers the exact information they need before making a purchase. Our advanced product information management tools ensure that your designs are led by customer priorities.

Leverage Product Data

Give customers the information they actually care about. Store and leverage product data like prices, sizes and specifications in our information management tools.

Centralise Core Messaging

Empower your in-store staff to answer the most important customer queries, by centralising marketing messages and product benefits in a single resource.

Better POS Positioning

Use advanced product relationships, categories and taxonomies to determine the best in-store positioning for your POS and promotional material.

Our solutions help you to make informed decisions about your point of sale marketing. Check out our digital signage services to see how you can combine tried and tested POS techniques with newer technologies.

Our unique solutions allow you to mass-produce new POS material for product launches, as well as online channels, using simple and easy to navigate templates.

Point of Sale Design from Visual ID

At Visual ID, we are experts at empowering retail brands to create their own amazing POS designs. To find out more about how our solutions can drive revenue for your business, speak to our team today.