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Product Information Management Software

Centralise important product data, like pricing, SKUs, taxonomies, specifications, marketing messages and product descriptions with our innovative product information management systems.

What is Product Information Management?

Product Information Management (PIM) software allows you to manage, enrich and update all data relating to your products in a single location. This can then be leveraged for all kinds of product marketing and management functions.

An effective PIM system allows you to centralise and manage:

  • SKUs and barcodes
  • Product labeling
  • Specifications
  • Pricing information
  • Product recall information
  • Product relationships
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product Descriptions
  • Digital assets
  • Reviews and testimonials

Storing your product information in a single toolkit allows you to develop efficient sales, marketing and product management processes. In turn, this leads to better sales figures, and reduced operational costs.

Managing and Storing Product Information with Visual ID

An effective product information management system acts as a central library for all of your product data. This can be leveraged by a number of different teams and business verticals to streamline their workflows.

With product information software from Visual ID, head office teams can configure the right level of access for each individual team or colleague, speeding up their access to key data.

Advanced organisation features allow you to group different data points by product, brand, category, taxonomy, or custom tags. This facilitates high standards of data governance and searchability, reducing operational inefficiencies.

Improving Sales with Better Product Information Management

Take advantage of data-driven sales. Use your product information management system to identify and reinforce new selling opportunities, with different product combinations, seasonal promotions, and upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


Empower your store colleagues with better information to answer customer queries. Give your team the tools to find the best possible product for every customer, based on their individual needs and wants.


Use a library of product resources to improve your content marketing, across ecommerce, social media, email marketing and live chat, giving customers the information they need to make a purchase.

Utilise Digital Assets with Product Information

Manage product data and digital media, like images, videos and branded content in a single location. Our product information management systems integrate fully with our digital asset management solutions, for improved sales and marketing efficiency.

Give local store teams the information and tools they need to create compelling campaigns, which fully comply with your brand guidelines, with our simple and intuitive design tools.

Combine product information with branded assets to create packaging, POS and promotional materials which drive sales, while also complying with labelling requirements in their market.

Combine a repository of thorough product information with digital assets and brand templates to bulk create marketing materials, eliminating the need for a design studio.

Improved Product Management and Documentation Processes

Simplify and automate your communication processes. Our product information management software allows you to create custom rules, based on which users have viewed or accessed data relating to different products.

For example, you can track which stores have accessed documentation relating to a specific product. If this documentation changes, you can then automatically notify the affected stores, and track their actions.

You can also furnish individual stores of product recall information which is relevant to their sales history, reducing the admin burden on head office teams.

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At Visual ID, we have decades of experience of managing, organising, and utilising product information to make better decisions in the retail sector. We have produced product management solutions for major retailers across the world, leading to massive cost savings and increases in sales.

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