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Digital Signage

Digital Signage and In-Store Display Toolkit

Easily create, manage and distribute professional content to digital displays and in-store signs from head office or individual locations.

Digital Signage from Visual ID

Our digital signage solutions bring the power of in-store digital marketing to retail brands large and small. Leverage modern store displays to bring your in-store customer experience into the 21st century.



Our simple and intuitive design tools allow your teams to easily create professional visual merchandising display content to match your brand.



Build approval processes into your digital display workflows, to ensure brand consistency and compliance across all of your locations.



Distribute your visual marketing content to any combination of store locations, or individual displays within each store.

Our design toolkit includes digital asset management and access to stock media libraries, making it cheaper and easier to produce high quality visual content for digital displays. Visual ID make it easy to create professional content, with minimal design skills.

Implement approved templates and layouts to cut design time while maintaining brand compliance.

Diverse Applications for Digital Signage

These days, there are a range of different kinds of visual merchandising display equipment. From POP displays to digital shelf talkers, and even digital showroom software, our displays can be configured and placed for a range of uses, including:

  • POP/POS Displays
  • Digital window displays
  • Product information displays
  • Infomercial displays
  • Digital menus
  • Digital shelf talkers
  • Crowd management display
  • Health and safety information

Digital signage solutions from Visual ID can utilise a range of different sizes and configurations, to suit all kinds of in-store layouts and designs, with visual content automatically scaling to suit each display’s aspect ratio.

Our Digital Signage Partners

We partner with Interactive Displays Ireland to supply hardware for our digital signage solutions. As one of the leading digital signage companies in Ireland, we’ve teamed up to provide the best full-stack display systems for our clients.

Interactive Displays Ireland provide a range of LED and LCD displays, which can be combined to create a range of different sizes and shapes, for POS, interactive panels, digital menus and miniature shelf displays.

Partnering up to provide digital signage solutions allows us to provide installation, maintenance and support, with a single point of contact.


Benefits of In-Store Digital Displays

Contemporary retail displays using digital signs have a range of concrete benefits in the retail industry. These include improving sales, customer retention, brand image, and reducing waste.

Improved Customer Experience

Digital signage projects a modern brand image, and allows you to provide the optimum in-store experience for a range of different customers. Rotate different products and offers to target different customers.

Merchandising Costs

Digitising your POS marketing allows you to eliminate the need to purchase and install new materials for each new product launch or promotion.

Eco Friendly Retail Displays

Digital displays reduce the need for shipping POS materials, and creating plastic and paper wastage. This helps to minimise your stores’ environmental impact, boosting your brand reputation.

POS Display Design with Visual ID

Cut design costs by implementing a full-stack digital signage solution, complete with design and digital asset management. Manage media, create designs, and distribute content to your digital signage from a single location.

Our design tools allow your local store teams to create brand compliant digital content for their specific campaigns and promotions. Alternatively, designs can be centralised and distributed from head office to all locations simultaneously.

This eliminates the need to engage a professional designer for each individual promotion or offer, creating huge savings for your brand.

Speak to Visual ID Today

At Visual ID, we provide expert digital signage solutions for all kinds of retail, hospitality and service brands. Speak to our team today to find out more about how digital displays can improve your customer experience and boost sales in-store.

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