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What is Sales Price Compliance Legislation for Retailers in Ireland?

Written by

David McDonnell


September 16, 2023



One of the key elements of legislation for Irish retailers to follow is Sales Price Compliance.

In the Irish retail industry, pricing strategies play a key role in attracting customers and maintaining competitiveness. However, there are specific regulations in place to ensure fair practices and protect consumers. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the concept of Sales Price Compliance for retailers in Ireland and explore the key aspects that businesses need to consider. 

What is Sales Price Compliance?

Sales Price Compliance is the adherence to legal requirements related to the display and promotion of prices on goods and services. In Ireland, the primary legislation governing this is the Consumer Protection Act of 2007 - this aims to safeguard consumer interests by ensuring transparent and preventing misleading practices. 

Key elements of Sales Price Compliance

Clear and transparent pricing:

Retailers must provide clear and unambiguous pricing information to consumers. This includes displaying the total price of goods or services, including taxes and additional charges. Any discounts or promotional offers should be transparently communicated to avoid confusion. 

Original prices and discounts

If a retailer offers discounts, the original price (before discount) must be clearly indicated alongside the discounted price. This is to prevent deceptive practices and ensure consumers are well-informed about the value they are receiving. 

Online pricing

With the rise of e-commerce, online retailers are also bound by Sales Price Compliance regulations. The same principles of being transparent apply to online pricing, and consumers should be able to easily access information about the total cost of a product, including shipping fees. 

False or misleading representations

Retailers are not allowed to make false or misleading representations about the price of goods or services. This includes false advertising, deceptive pricing strategies, or any practice that could mislead consumers about the actual cost of a product. 

Complaints handling:

In the event of a dispute or complaint regarding pricing, retailers are obligated to have a clear and accessible complaints handling process. This ensures that consumers have a channel to address any concerns they may have related to pricing or promotional practices. 

What happens if I don’t comply?

Failure to follow Sales Price regulations in Ireland can result in legal consequences, including fines and damage to the reputation of your business. It is crucial for retailers to prioritise compliance to build trust with consumers and maintain a positive brand image. 

Sales Price Compliance is an important part of responsible and ethical retail practices in Ireland. By understanding and adhering to the regulations, retailers can create a fair and transparent shopping environment for consumers, creating trust and loyalty in the long run. 

Visual ID are committed to ensuring your in-store marketing is brand consistent and legally compliant. Get in touch today.


Visual ID are committed to ensuring your in-store marketing is brand consistent and legally compliant. Get in touch today.

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