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ARYZTA is an international bakery company with a leadership position in convenience bakery. With a passion for food and deep industry knowledge, ARYZTA provides top quality products. They are committed to excellence – experience the difference. They operate across the greater food service, retail grocery, catering and hospitality sectors across Ireland and Europe.

The challenges

ARYZTA came to us looking for an updated, more interactive solution for their digital screen network in their coffee and bakery branded areas.

AryztaXVisual ID
Coffee machine showing coffee menu on screen

The solution

Using a main dashboard for each branded group of stores, ARYZTA's users can log in and create print and digital materials in a controlled environment.

Not only did we deliver a user-friendly operating system to generate and manage their screen content, but we also offered a turnkey solution for hardware and installation across Ireland.

Alongside their use of Visual ID’s marketing toolkit, ARYZTA also makes use of our Relentless Support™ team, there to help with any issues that arise, quickly and proactively.

...we also offered a turnkey solution for hardware and installation across Ireland.


We are proud of our work with Arzyta, delivering them an interactive and innovative digital screen solution.

Coupled with the support arm of Visual ID, the system also delivers efficiencies and cost savings both at head office and across the store network. 

We’re so excited to see how our relationship with ARYZTA can grow, and how we can continue to help them serve the communities they operate in.

Coffee machine showing different coffees on screen
"We are very happy with the services Visual ID has provided us to date. It has met our needs across the retail grocery and catering hospitality industries. We look forward to developing the relationship further and implementing even more innovative solutions."

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