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About Londis

Londis, is a BWG brand, and is one of Ireland’s largest retail food store chains with over 140 high quality, conveniently located outlets across the Republic of Ireland. Londis stores service the different types of consumer needs in local communities. Their stores have become a destination for fresh food, and regular top up shopping with an extensive range of great value essentials and fresh products.

The challenges

Running a large network of franchise and company owned stores like BWG’s with multiple branded groups, such as Londis, has its challenges in maintaining control and brand compliance, as well as consistency being a top priority.

Londis were originally looking for support with their print production, but they are always keen to grow with the development of digital technologies.

LondisXVisual ID
Phone showing a Londis Facebook wine offer

The solution

Our relationship with Londis began with Visual ID being their digital asset management solution provider, giving them a vehicle to store and distribute valuable marketing assets of all formats around their network.

Initially centred on printed POS, their focus has shifted towards digital realms in recent years. This evolution encompasses local social media promotion and investment in digital media such as in-store signage.

We've consistently enhanced our marketing toolkit to facilitate innovative content production tools for social media and digital displays. Additionally, our platform provides publishing and screen management systems, all integrated into one cohesive solution.

For BWG, ensuring content resonance with consumers and evoking reactions is paramount. Our digital production applications empower retailers like Londis to effortlessly generate animated and dynamic content. Ensuring compliance, both in branding and legal aspects, is imperative. Our system achieves this through seamless data linking with head office and local sources, coupled with incorporation of imagery and graphics based on template choices.

Our toolkit empowers brands like Londis with control and creativity while upholding brand integrity and legal compliance set by the BWG head office.

...our platform provides publishing and screen management systems, all integrated into one cohesive solution.


Londis has had a long-term relationship with Visual ID since BWG was established in 2012. 

This relationship has been so long lasting as we’ve continued to innovate. Our easy-to-use interface for retailers provides an efficient solution for retailers like BWG to manage their production outputs across their store networks.

We are proud to be Londis’ preferred in store digital screen system provider, and there’s a lot to look forward to. This includes exciting opportunities to continue improving store atmospheres with in-store radio and AI generated audio messaging.

TV showing a Londis ice cream ad

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