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About Centra

Centra, a Musgrave brand, is Ireland’s leading convenience retail group, with 480 bright, accessible stores in communities throughout the country.

They have a reputation for quality, value and friendly service, and the fact that stores are independently owned and operated by local people means that shoppers get the best of both worlds - commitment to the traditional values of good fresh foods and excellent services, combined with the price power and state-of-the art retail systems of a big national foodstore group.

The challenges

Running a large network of franchise and company owned stores like Musgrave’s with multiple branded groups, such as Centra, has its challenges in maintaining control and brand compliance, as well as consistency being a top priority.

Centra knew they would benefit from promotional content design at store level for print, social media and digital content.

CentraXVisual ID
A4 printout advertising Centra's meal deal

The solution

Centra has a main dashboard, branded to their stores. Their retailers can log in and create print and digital materials in a controlled environment. This content is all linked to current and live data relevant to the local environment.

Staff in their stores can easily create strategically compliant and visually impactful consumer messaging that will output associated imagery, with graphics that are legislatively compliant.

Alongside their use of Visual ID’s marketing toolkit, Musgrave brands like Centra also make use of our Relentless Support™ team, there to help with any issues that arise, quickly and proactively.

...content is all linked to current and live data relevant to the local environment.


Our work with Centra started 15 years ago focused on printed content, but now the system delivers production and publishing solutions for all other mediums such as social media content and digital screen content.

Coupled with the support arm of Visual ID, the system also delivers efficiencies and cost savings both at Musgrave’s head office and across the Centra network.

We’re so excited to see how our relationship with Centra can grow, and how we can continue to help them serve the communities they operate in. This includes exciting opportunities to continue improving store atmospheres with in-store radio and AI generated audio messaging. We can’t wait!

Phone showing a Centra Facebook meat offer

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