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About SPAR

SPAR is the leading convenience store in Ireland and has been serving local communities for more than 60 years. From the time it opened its first store in Dublin in 1963, SPAR has been a leader in Irish convenience retailing, bringing consumers the most innovative products and in-store offerings.

The challenges

SPAR is a brand in the BWG family. Running a large network of franchise and company owned stores with multiple branded groups, like SPAR, has its challenges in maintaining control and brand compliance, as well as consistency being a top priority.

SPAR were looking for support with their print production, but with the growth of digital technologies, their needs have developed.

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The solution

Our relationship with SPAR began with us being their digital asset management solution provider.

Up until a few years ago, SPAR was largely focused on printed POS. However, their focus on digital has grown, including social media promotion for their stores as well as digital media like in-store signage. 

The Visual ID marketing toolkit allows SPAR to deliver innovative content for their social media and digital screen content, as well as publishing and screen management systems in the same platform. 

For BWG, it was a priority that content connects with consumers and provokes a reaction. So, retailers like SPAR can use our digital production applications to produce animated and dynamic content, easily. It is also important for their content to be compliant at both a branding and legal level - this is guaranteed due to the data linking in place to both head office and local data sources, as well as the auto input of imagery and graphics depending on the template design choice. 

Our toolkit has given SPAR’s retailers control and creativity, whilst maintaining head office brand and legal compliance for BWG.

Our toolkit has given SPAR’s retailers control and creativity, whilst maintaining head office brand and legal compliance for BWG.


Visual ID are proud to have been working with SPAR since 2007.

This relationship has been so long lasting as we’ve continued to innovate. Our easy-to-use interface for retailers provides an efficient solution for retail groups like BWG to manage their production outputs across their store networks. 

We are proud to be SPAR’s preferred in store digital screen system provider, and there’s a lot to look forward to. This includes exciting opportunities to continue improving store atmospheres with in-store radio and AI generated audio messaging. Watch this space!

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