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Case Studies


Marketing approval across a multi-market environment

Our telecoms client operates in 34 geographic markets. The brand compliance and marketing strategy approval process was disjointed and project tracking and decision making, and traceability was non-existent. They needed a solution to manage these decisions making and approval processes.


Brand compliance for 1000 stores

With over 1000 stores within each buying group the common problem was maintaining brand compliance within the different brands. This compliance initially was to produce compliant print and social media content.


Managing product recalls and critical updates

Our client's communication system to deliver vital documentation for legal, trading, HR etc was still using a dashboard system or regular email, with little or no confirmation on who accessed or activated the materials sent.


Digital Signage made useful

The Visual ID system as well as having a Print and Social media production systems, also has a screen production system. This system is the only one on the market to also produce animated content in real time.


Ordering collateral from multiple vendors through a single point of entry

Our client has their own stores and owner operated stores. All these stores either have to engage with an area manager or an agreed vendor or by communicating to customer services their orders for Merchandise, Print on demand, POS Packs, Uniforms, etc.